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Photoelectric direct reading spectromete

The photoelectric direct reading spectrometer is a rapid quantitative analysis instrument for the analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This instrument is widely used in metallurgical, mechanical and other industrial sectors, for on-line analysis in front of smelting furnace and product inspection in central laboratory. It is one of the effective means to control product quality.

The scanning process can scan all elements at the same time. The scanning process is simple and can quickly analyze the deviation of each element relative to the matrix element. It can be used for various matrix analysis: Fe, Co, Cu, Ni, Al, Pb, Mg, Zn, Sn, etc. High precision linear motor is used for seam scanning with high speed and accuracy.


Qj36b-2 digital DC bridge

  1. It adopts 5-bit liquid crystal display, which is easy to operate. It does not need to be equipped with galvanometer, power supply, standard resistance and other accessories, so it is convenient to carry. It has the advantages of intuitive reading, high measurement and good stability.

  2. Wide measurement range: 0 ~ 2K Ω, small resolution: 0.01u Ω, accuracy: 0.05%

  3. According to the temperature measured by the thermometer, the bridge temperature compensation is automatically converted into 20 ℃ standard resistance value.

  4. Users need to be able to measure the resistivity of 1m and 1km


Zc-90 insulation resistance measuring instrument

Zc-90 high insulation resistance measuring instrument is a new product of zc-90 family. It is a high-performance digital ultra-high resistance and micro current comprehensive measuring instrument. It adopts advanced micro current measuring devices, and its characteristics are as follows:

(1) The resistance measurement range is as high as 0-2 × 1017 Ω (direct measurement, if the voltage current method is used to calculate, it can measure more than 1018 Ω resistance), which is the most powerful digital instrument for ultra-high resistance measurement. Zc-90g is the best instrument to replace zc36, zc46 and other pointer type megger to measure the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of insulating materials. The highest resolution is 100 Ω.

(2) The series of seven output voltages (10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 505, 100, 000 V) are suitable for ultra-high resistance and micro conductivity measurement in all fields such as wires and cables, insulation materials, electronic components, anti-static Engineering, etc.

(3) Micro current measurement function, current measurement range: 0.1fa (10-16a) - 199.9 μ a, it is the digital instrument with the highest sensitivity and strongest resolution. It is suitable for semiconductor device test, electronic component production, photoelectric measurement, biological current measurement, atomic energy research, scientific experiment and other fields of micro current measurement


Constant temperature water bat

Constant temperature water bath box is widely used in drying, concentration, distillation, impregnation of chemical reagents, drugs and biological agents, and can also be used for water bath constant temperature heating and other temperature tests. It is an essential tool for education and scientific research in biology, genetics, virus, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, biochemistry laboratory and analysis room.

It is used with insulation resistance measuring instrument to measure whether the insulation of wires and cables meets the standard requirements under the working temperature.


Wire winding torsion testing machine

This testing machine is used to test the toughness and adhesion of steel aluminum wires. It is used for winding torsion test of aluminum wire, steel wire, steel pole and steel cored aluminum strand.


Wire and cable chipper

This machine is suitable for GB / t2951 test standard. It can complete the hot extension test and tensile test of the sample, so as to meet the requirements of the standard.


Automatic electronic densitometer

The automatic electronic densitometer has the advantages of accurate weighing, fast stability, simple operation and complete functions. It is suitable for rapid determination of density, quality and quantity of liquid / solid in industrial, agricultural, commercial, school and scientific research units. It can measure the density of solid and liquid, select the density of standard liquid, select the standard substance, and calibrate the volume of standard substance


Microcomputer controlled universal testing machin

It is mainly used for tensile, compression, bending and shear tests of metal and nonmetal materials. It can accurately measure the tensile strength, yield strength, specified non proportional elongation strength, elongation, elastic modulus and other mechanical properties of metal materials.


High precision high temperature test chamber

It is used to test the performance of high-temperature products, such as high-temperature, high-temperature, rubber, aircraft, aircraft, electronic equipment, high-temperature equipment, high-temperature rubber, etc


Thickness gaug

An instrument for measuring the thickness of the material itself or of the coating on the surface of the material. In industrial production, it is often used to measure the thickness of products continuously or by sampling


Weighted analytical balance

It is made according to the principle of lever. It uses weights with known mass to measure the mass of the object. For industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning, laboratories for precision measurement, analysis and determination


Jt-300a low power projector

Jt-300a low power projector is a kind of optical, mechanical and electrical integration of precision and high efficiency optical measurement instrument. It is widely used in machinery, instruments, clocks, electronics, cables, rubber, spring hardware, building materials, light industry and other industries, as well as measurement rooms, laboratories and production workshops of colleges, research institutes and measurement verification departments. It is one of the special instruments for wire and cable industry designated by Shanghai cable Institute


Cable slice

It is specially used for sampling the physical properties test of XLPE and PE insulated power cables. Its characteristic is that the traditional rotating transverse slice is changed into the translational transverse slice, which greatly improves the reliability of the test results and reduces the dispersion of the test results. This machine is suitable for the requirements of (gb-11017) and (gb-12706) test standards. It is one of the necessary test instruments for preparing cross-linked cable and control cable insulation and sheath samples.


Oxygen index tester

It can be used to determine the combustion properties of various textiles, including woven, knitted and non-woven fabrics, as well as plastics, rubber and paper.



35kV and below cross linked cable and AC withstand voltage test system

Shanghai LANBO high voltage technology equipment Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the partial discharge test for cross-linked cables up to and including 220kV according to GB / T, GB / T and IEC standards This system is advanced in technology and reliable in performance. It can completely replace imported products of the same voltage level. The system includes: high voltage tuning reactor, double shielding electrostatic isolation transformer, high and low voltage filter, contact voltage regulator, voltage measurement divider, high voltage correction injection capacitor, partial discharge detector, partial fault locator, etc.
Main characteristics of the system: the partial discharge level of the system equipment can reach: ≤ 2pc, loop quality factor: Q ≥ 40, fault location accuracy level ≤± 2.5m (± 1%), system voltage measurement accuracy: ≤± 3%. The system has timing withstand voltage, arc instantaneous breakdown protection, over-current protection, interlocking protection and various limit functions. The tuning range can cover the partial discharge withstand voltage test and fault location of 110kV and below cross-linked cables with cable length of 2000m and cross section of 400mm2.


Control box - light test transformer

It is used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries. It is suitable for the handover and preventive test of large capacity and high voltage capacitive test objects. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple structure and high reliability, and can be used conveniently on site.


Power frequency spark testing machine

The power frequency spark testing machine is actually an on-line vulnerability detection instrument, which generally adopts solid-state AC voltage regulation and single-chip microprocessor control technology. It has the characteristics of stable output high voltage (not affected by the change of grid voltage), high detection sensitivity, no error in breakdown count, strong anti-interference and obvious breakdown point. It can automatically count and generate an alarm when it breaks down.

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