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Technical director (Treatment to be negotiated)

一、 Position information:

1. Be responsible for the company's product process technology work and process management, and ensure the version validity of the current process technical documents.
2. Be responsible for the design of product scheme, preparation of product process documents, formulation of material consumption process quota; design process equipment according to process requirements, and be responsible for verification and improvement of process tooling.
3. Guide and supervise the production to solve the technical problems in production in time, do a good job in technological service, and supervise the implementation of process discipline.
4. Process and tooling design for trial production of new products, improve trial production report and relevant process data, and complete the identification of new product production.
5. Actively carry out technical research and technical improvement, put forward suggestions on technical improvement scheme and measures, and continuously improve the technological level.
6. Be responsible for the filing of enterprise standards and the identification of product production finalization.
7. Be responsible for the development, inspection, diagnosis and implementation of the policy objectives of the Department.
8. Be responsible for technical support for sales department and production department of the company;
9. Complete all temporary tasks assigned by department leaders.
10. Treatment to be negotiated in person.

二、 Skill requirements:

1. Familiar with manufacturing and testing standards of medium and low voltage power cables, aluminum alloy cables, mineral insulated cables and bv wires;
2. Proficient in office and AutoCAD;
3. Good team spirit and communication skills.

三、 Qualifications

1. Age: over 28 years old;
2. Language ability: good English reading and writing ability;
3. Working experience: 5 years old;
4. Education requirements: junior college or above;
5. Wire and cable specialty is preferred;
6. Adapt to travel occasionally.

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